Magic and Self-doubt

An action-adventure puzzle-platformer with a gripping tale

Trials of Onumbra is Pinaka Interactive's prime IP and also their first venture into long-term game development. It was possibly the biggest project I was going to commit to and I was wholeheartedly ready for it. Unfortunately, the company's shutdown led to further plans being cancelled.

The story was going to explore a young girl who is destined to free the city of Onumbra from the clutches of sorcerers through special trials that will test her every skill - but with great costs. The game was going to explore particular themes emboldening each chapter in the game, with diverse characters and a compelling storyline to kick off with it.

The trailer was met with overwhelmingly positive reception.

My Responsibilities

Aside from being the Lead Narrative Designer, I contributed to the core and the side mechanics of the game. As it was going to be a perfect mix of puzzles, combat and exploration, I not only designed an intuitive combat system that helped open doors to additional elements such as a Rune and Inventory System, but also helped design theme-driven levels, puzzle elements, companion system, and enemy types with different behaviours, including bosses. I was also responsible for how the final trailer would play out, and some minor voice acting elements.

This was an ambitious project - one that I was lucky to be working on along with some industry veterans. It was different from all the other projects due to its slightly larger development time and the risk factors riding along with it, such as hard-to-beat competitors, budget, and volatile production cycle, but promised a lot of reward judging from the trailer's reception and input from other developers. This project honed a lot of my skills as a game designer.

Although its cancellation was the most disheartening moment in my career as a designer, it helped me recuperate and understand that 'killing our darlings' is going to be a fundamental aspect in every single step we take during production.


Game Features

  • Single-player action-adventure puzzle-platformer

  • Evade deadly traps, solve enigmas, explore labyrinths, and meet complex characters

  • Companion system to help you in both combat and traversal

  • Use spells, enchantments and runes to defend yourself against enemies

  • Fight bosses, face your fears, and free Onumbra from their grips!

Additional Info

  • Company: Pinaka Interactive

  • Game Engine: Unity (Planned), Godot (Prototype)

  • Team Members: 5

  • Role(s): Game Designer & Narrative Designer