Surreal Desert

An exploratory demo

Surreal Desert was created to show my skills as a Level Designer.

During conceptualization, I realized that not a lot of people really appreciate the beauty behind walking simulators. These type of games serve the purpose of telling an interactive story rather than just serving as a buoyant game.

My demo is meant to instill feelings rather than fill you up with adrenaline. So while there was nothing major to expect, the player's interaction with the absurd content in the scarce environment was something to look forward to. Without much hand-holding experience, this gave an interesting insight into the player's reaction to it.

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4.

Role: Level Designer.

Module: Level Design with Unreal Engine.



A Distant View
Aurora Borealis
Eggcellent Shot
Torn Apart
Mysterious Tent
Beacon of Light