Game Intro

Project QUESTION is a murder mystery game in which the players take control of a detective named Detective Kevin. By analyzing the clues in the environment, interrogating suspects and catching contradictions, the players must solve a complex murder case that has shaken the city by its very foundations.

By utilizing ARCore technology, we have managed to deliver a far more immersive experience for players to put themselves in the shoes of a detective. Now, they don't just play as a detective, they get to feel what it's like to be in the situation!

The game was a finalist under the Virtual Reality category in the Rookie Awards 2018.


Game Designer

  • Designed the user interface.

  • Designed a 'supportive-aggressive' dialogue system in which the questions asked affect the NPC's co-operation system that may or may not offer critical information.

  • Designed a thorough 'detective experience':

    • Travel to other areas to investigate them using specific tools (tweezers, evidence bags).

    • Sending evidence to the Crime Lab that yields more interactive opportunities during interrogation.

    • Presenting items to suspects during interrogation to yield any hidden information.

    • Rotating and scaling the 3D models of physical evidences in Evidence Mode (scrapped due to time constraints).


Project Information

  • Team Size: 4

    • 2D artist/project leader.

    • Game designer/writer.

    • 2 programmers.

  • Role: Game Designer, Writer.

  • Game Engine: Unity.

  • Assets: 3D assets are by Synty Polygon. Everything else is in-house.

  • Platforms: AR-supported Android devices. Unreleased.

  • Module: Final Project at MAGES Institute.