Gamified Social Impact

What if we tried to influence children about gender equality than headstrong, conservative adults instead?

This question gave birth to the concept of Mission: Happiness.

A visual novel about an alien who must save its own planet by collecting Happiness from humans as an energy source. Through its colourful characters, worlds and an engaging multiple-ending storyline, the game would deliver the message delicately and help children relate to their personal experiences. The novel also explores a variety of issues such as bullying, gender discrimination, and toxic masculinity.

My Responsibilities

As a Narrative Designer, I had to come up with a good narrative flow to keep both the characters and the story consistent with each other, and communicate with people who have faced similar societal issues to have a better grasp on how to approach it. To balance out the narrative, I helped my fellow game designer in brainstorming and designing different interactive elements that were aimed at children such as Tangram and Hidden Object minigames. This project helped me understand what content can be swallowed and what will seem too didactic, which helped me grow more as a designer and a writer.

Mission: Happiness was meant to be a subscription-based, episodic visual novel for schools and institutes to educate children through a more interactive form of Social Studies and Moral Science. We got to reach the final product only after vehemently going through multiple iterations and drafts of the design. Unfortunately, the company's shutdown led to further plans being cancelled.


Game Features

  • Single-player experience

  • Choice-based dialogues

  • Multiple endings

  • Minigames such as Hidden Objects and Tangrams

  • Friendly, vibrant art and sounds

  • Difficult topics pleasantly communicated

Additional Info

  • Team Members: 7

  • Company: NammaLore Entertainment

  • Game Engine: Unity

  • Role(s): Game Designer, Writer



Conversation with Amma
Hidden Object Task
Conversation with Aarthi
Mission Objective
Hidden Objective Gameplay
Happiness Level Decrease