Bloopy's Adventures

A cute puzzle-platformer about social issues


After receiving valuable feedback on Mission: Happiness from gamers and developers, we found a good approach to explore the subject of social issues, only this time, it would cater to the gaming audience rather than schoolgoers. Bloopy's Adventures took a lot of inspiration from Pikuniku (a Devolver Digital game). However, it's broader focus on social issues and relatable characters is what puts it aside from every other platformer.

With its environment-based puzzles, retro platforming and a wacky storyline, involving an onion-like creature named Bloopy, who must help a failing king restore balance in his kingdom, the prototype was met with a positive reception. Unfortunately, the company's shutdown led to further plans being cancelled.

My Responsibilities

I was first enchanted by cardboard-style cinematics in Shrek: The Third's game to portray a puppet show of sorts. With this as an influence, I was able to communicate with the artist to implement them and change the visual feel of the game completely, which now gives it that friendly 'puppet show' aesthetic.

Aside from that, I designed the main mechanics, mission elements, and the puzzle elements in the levels. Being the first 'environmental puzzle'-based game, it was a learning experience for me as I learned to keep designs simple and spend more time putting down ideas on paper rather than figuring out if it's good or not.

This enabled me to design faster and make smarter puzzles - one of which garnered many humorous but positive experiences during user testing, overall allowing me to grow more on the level designing aspect of the job.


Game Features

  • Single-player puzzle-platform adventure game

  • Unique 'cardboard theatre'-style visuals

  • Whimsical storyline and characters

  • Solve deceptive puzzles, traverse in diverse environments, and save the kingdom!

  • Addressing common social issues

Additional Info

Village Sequence
  • Team Members: 3

  • Company: NammaLore Entertainment

  • Game Engine: Unity

  • Role(s): Game Designer, Narrative Designer