Astrotyper is a 2D top-down typing game that was a part of my diploma's final project, inspired by Typer Shark and ZType. It utilizes the feel of a retro game with the combination of pixel art and 8-bit music.

It’s a game about a brave spaceman who is sent to outer space to fight a giant octopus-like alien monster, simply dubbed 'The Thing from Under the Belt,' shortened to 'T.U.B.', as it houses itself somewhere underneath the Asteroid Belt.

This picture here (taken from Google) represents the concept of the game.

The goal of the player is to beat T.U.B. by entering words to destroy incoming projectiles and deplete T.U.B.'s health bar.


Dev Process

For this project, I started off with programming. By doing this, I achieved a lot within a good timeframe instead of switching between different tasks constantly, such as from art to programming and vice versa. This practice is apparently not common among Unity developers.

This project helped me understand how to prioritize each component of the development stages.

The difficulty of working solo was only second to the difficulty I faced in my role as a designer/writer for Project QUESTION. But, it was well worth it as it brought my wishes of making a typing game come true.

Software: Unity w/ TextMeshPro, Photoshop.

Roles: Designer, programmer, artist.

Module: Final Project at MAGES Institute.