Agents vs Spies

Casual. Board. Classic.


Game Intro

Agents vs Spies is a cat-&-mouse game, in which the team of wheelchair-bound agents must catch the different teams of spies and send them to jail before they escape through the airport, while the team of spies must escape the agents with classified intel before the agents catch up to them.

The winning factor entirely depends on the number of players present in the game.

The game can be played upto 2-4 players. However, the agents are assigned only to a single player, while every other player is assigned to the spies.

It was designed with the intention to advertise the importance of Universal Design, so the game is open for all ages.

Due to the highly positive reaction that we got from the community of the institute, we decided to submit the game to Project BUILD, a board game program hosted by Hasbro in Singapore in June 2017.

Agents VS Spies.png

Game Features

  • 2-4 Players.

  • Classic cops-&-robbers game-play.

  • Casual/Edutainment.

  • Open for ages 8 and up.

  • Set it up in 2 minutes, play for 45+.

  • Unlimited replayability.

  • Lack of Universal Design displayed via the wheelchair-bound agents' obstacles.


Project Info

  • Team Size: 3.

    • 2D artist

    • 2 designers.

  • Role: Game Design and Documentation.

  • Genre: Casual, Board.

  • Module: Design & Documentation at MAGES Institute

Feel free to check this document out to have a look at the game in a more in-depth manner. It contains the walkthrough, rules, and even the prototype concept art!